Episode 10: What the BLEEP are you doing?

This week we talk to a researcher who has determined the key to happiness is talking to strangers on the subway. (We do not talk to him on the subway.) Also, we learn how curse words might make you stronger. All that plus filmmaker John Waters joins us to take our personality test.

Episode 9: Who Started the Super Soaker Arms Race?

This week, former NASA engineer Mark Rober invents the world's largest Super Soaker water gun, along with other projects that make him the Most Admired Man among 7-year-olds everywhere. Also, Comedian Kevin Nealon takes the Poundstone Personality Psurvey to find out what trail snack he'd be.

Our Test Tube Runneth Over: A Bonus Mini-Episode

Dick Cavett shares a great story about the legendary Jack Benny, while the Institute is closed for Freshman Orientation. We'll be back with a full new episode next week.

(2 minutes)

Episode 8: Am I wishing for a germ bath?

This week, researchers measure how much bacteria is generated by blowing out birthday candles, handling restaurant menus, and double dipping chips. Also, why a banana may never smell the same again; and Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish takes the Poundstone Personality Psurvey.

Episode 7: Are You a Boy or a Girl, Yertle?

This week, scientists discover a stimulating way to determine a turtle's gender. Also, an Eclipse Chaser helps prepare for this week's total solar eclipse, and Pixar Director Pete Docter takes the Poundstone Personality Psurvey.

Episode 6: Why Is Fluffy Looking At Me Like That?

This week, we talk to a scientist who does feline personality profiling--also known as purrsonality profiling--and we learn what big cats and small cats have in common. Plus: we talk to a man who's getting implanted with a microchip to make purchasing snacks easier. And comedian Tig Notaro joins us to take our personality test.

Episode 5: Can I Eat That?

We talk to a scientist who has determined once and for all if the Five Second Rule really works, and we discuss the latest findings on sexy scientists. Plus: the great David Sedaris joins us to take our personality test.

Episode 4: Do I Need A Bath?

We learn all about Forest Bathing, which is a real thing, and it could improve your health. Also, we learn why having a messy desk might be a sign of genius. Plus: Saturday Night Live legend Dana Carvey joins us to take our personality test (and to do some really great impressions).

Episode 3: How Long Are You Gonna Be In There?

We learn from a professor who actually teaches a class about identifying B.S., and we talk to a researcher who made a fascinating discovery about... pee. Plus: late night legend Jay Leno joins us to take our personality test.


Episode 2: Is That T-Rex Coming On To Me?

This week, a paleontologist tells us all about Tyrannosaurus sex, otherwise known as T-Sex. And we talk to a researcher who played Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow to wild animals, for a very good scientific reason. Plus, former Daily Show correspondent and host of The Nightly Show Larry Wilmore drops by to take our patented personality test.