Live from the Poundstone Institute is NPR’s newest info-comedy. 

It stars comedian and author Paula Poundstone, who takes us along on her weekly search for knowledge. 

“The reason I keep looking for knowledge is because I know I left it somewhere,” she says.

Guided by the Institute’s Director of Research (and fellow Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! alum) Adam Felber, Paula is introduced to researchers and scientists who have genuine evidence to offer on a curious variety of topics.

From studies on the musical tastes of dogs, to the preponderance of “Netflix Cheating” among couples, to the fluid-dynamics of spilling coffee, Paula and Adam lead a laugh-filled and lively inquiry every week, and make the audience part of the show.  

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Paula Poundstone – Host, Founder of the Poundstone Institute
Paula is such a singular talent, that the staff all got together and decided to give her a page of her own.  It cost us more to build the web site this way, but we all decided it was worth it. 


Adam Felber -  Co-host, Head of Research for the Poundstone Institute.   
Like Paula, Adam is a regular panelist on NPR’s Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!  He’s also a staff writer for Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO.   But wait, that’s not all!  He’s also a very smart guy, and the author of the acclaimed novel, Schrödinger’s Ball, and the six book Marvel mini-series "Skrull Kill Krew."

He’s an improv comedy guy who has so many improv comedy credits, that you’d be bored reading them.  Even we got bored reading them.   But he’s a helluva good co-host and Head of Research for the Poundstone Institute. 

Doug Berman – Executive Producer
Doug created Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! for NPR, where he still serves as Benevolent Overlord.   He also brought NPR a little show called Car Talk, which had a brief run of 30 years with Doug as Click and Clack’s “Esteemed” Producer.   Doug proudly describes the shows he produces as “not a complete waste of time.”   


Ian Chillag -  Executive Producer
Ian doesn’t like much.  But he likes Paula, and he sort of likes Adam and Doug.  He’s not sure about Mike yet.   Ian is the comic brains behind the script of Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! every week, and one of the funniest people we know.

He worked for Terry Gross at Fresh Air, and was a producer at the Bryant Park Project, an under-listened-to and short-lived NPR program that, despite its lack of prominence, launched the careers of famous people like Ian Chillag.

Mike Danforth -  Executive Producer
Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of Executive Producers.  But none of them wanted to do any actual work, so we had to make them all “executives.”   Mike is another comic genius behind Wait Wait.   He actually runs the show now and oversees the writer’s room.  Among his responsibilities are chaining Peter Segal to the floor after the tapings, and releasing him the following week.  


  Patrick Murray

Patrick Murray

Patrick Murray and Stephen Colon – Technical Directors
The truth is, we have no idea what these guys do.  It’s beyond us.   But whatever they do, it results in us being able to share a recording of what we do every week with the rest of the world via NPR.   So thanks, fellas. 




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